August 26, 2014

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Ruins series by Jonas De Ro

oh man, i wanna be there the day weeds grow all over toronto’s high-rises.

blink blink, inhale

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Tolerance: why am i against Tolerance as a slogan? Of course this doesn’t mean that I’m for intolerance. I know very well that problems like sexism and racism are very very real. But why do we today translate problems of racism for example, into something which concerns tolerance; as if racism is the result of lack of tolerance. If you were to search the words “tolerance” and “intolerance” in Martin Luther King’s speeches, they practically don’t exist. For him it would have been obscene to claim that the problem of racism is a problem of intolerance. This is the equivalent of the feminists among the women here, and I hope you are all feminists, saying “the reason for our struggle is for men to tolerate us” lol. It’s ridiculous! For Martin Luther King racism is a problem of inequality, economic exploitation, legal rights and so on, but not intolerance.

This is today’s ideology: when faced with the problem of racism, it depoliticizes the problem. Instead of talking about the economy, political power, legal power etc… we talk about cultural prejudices and we end up psychoanalyzing the traumas of white people that lead them to be so intolerant instead of dealing with the injustice done to blacks and hispanics and so on.